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As independent wealth planners, we can work with you in a clear, transparent partnership, and offer you objective, comprehensive advice.

No matter how complex your finances or personal situation, we have the expertise and market-leading tools at our disposal to provide you with sophisticated and forward-thinking advice, tailored precisely to your needs.

Your personal wealth adviser will consider your finances as a whole to ensure your plans, savings and investments are working hard, and harmoniously together, to achieve your objectives both now and in the future.

Why this service is important?

Investment management: Our expert Investment Managers can run a personalised investment portfolio on your behalf or support you in making your own investment decisions

Personal wealth planning: Our independent Wealth Planners can help manage all aspects of your finances and investments meet your financial goals now and in later life.

Protect yourself from fraud: We are aware that fraudsters are using the Canaccord Genuity name,some of the measures you can take to protect you and your money from fraud.

Custar is available for all devices.

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